Town of Coeymans

Comprehensive Plans

The Town Board of the Town of Coeymans began to process of updating our outdated Comprehensive Master Plan in March of 2020 with the help of MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. After several public outreach opportunities and multiple public hearings the Town Board adopted the final draft of the Updated Comprehensive Plan on May 27th, 2021 with resolution #106-21.

Coeymans Comprehensive Plan 2006

Appendix A – Maps

01 Base Map
02 Existing Zoning Map AMĀ 
03 Land Use Map
04 Soil Map
05 Water Resources Map
Coeymans Regional

Appendix B – Presentations

Image Assessment Survey Presentation
Draft Plan Presentation
PH Plan Presentation 07-11-06

Appendix C – Public Participation Results

Coeymans Assets and Liability Results
Image Assessment Survey

Appendix D – Survey

Coeymans Survey Analysis
Draft Community Survey 11-23-05
Q19 Summary

Appendix E – Soils

Soils Appendix

Appendix F – Bibliography


Coeymans Economic Development Plan 2007