Town of Coeymans

Town of Coeymans 2022 Fiscal Stress Score

Town of Coeymans 2022 Fiscal Stress Score

The Office of the State Comptroller uses the Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to examine the annual financial information reported by your Town. This analysis provides an objective assessment of the fiscal challenges facing individual local governments and school districts, identifying situations where corrective action may be needed. These 2022 scores are based on fiscal year-end results.

As of August 31, 2023, our review of the 2022 Annual Financial Report (AFR) for your Town has been completed.

Your Town’s fiscal stress scores and designations are summarized below:

             Fiscal StressEnvironmental Stress
20200.0No Designation10.0No Designation
20210.0No Designation10.0No Designation
20220.0No Designation10.0No Designation

More information about the System is available on our website.

Once again, the Town of Coeymans is in excellent Fiscal condition.