Town of Coeymans

What Constitutes a Motorized Bicycle??

INFORMATION ON BICYCLES/MOTORIZED BICYCLES                                         May 17th, 2023

All residents of the Town of Coeymans and Village of Ravena, in particular, are reminded that anyone operating a motorized bicycle, considered a moped are required to register the moped, follow the traffic control laws and be properly equipped. That includes:

  • DO NOT ride on the sidewalks
  • STAY on the roadway on the right shoulder with traffic
  • OBEY all traffic control devices including Stop signs, traffic lights, Speed limits, etc…
  • If gasoline motorized there MUST be a muffler
  • REGISTERED licensed and insured as required
  • CONTAIN ALL REQUIRED equipment including headlight, taillight, brake light, horn, etc…
  • WEAR a DOT approved helmet

The Coeymans Police Department and Albany County Sheriff’s Office are receiving numerous reports of Reckless Operation on sidewalks and streets in the Village. Some gasoline powered bicycles possess no muffler and are extremely loud and being driven in the wee hours of the night disturbing residents. Several operators have been stopped and ticketed and in some case the vehicle/bicycle have been removed from the roadways. We are asking parents to reiterate to their children who may own one of these vehicles or bicycles to follow these rules and work to keep everyone safe.

For further guidance please read the below information.

New York

What Constitutes a Motorized Bicycle?

Motorized bicycles in New York are classified according to their maximum speed on level ground. 

  • A Class A motorized bike has top speeds of 30 to 40 mph. These motorized bikes can be used in any traffic lane available to the public.
  • A Class B motorized bicycle has top speeds of 20 to 30 mph, and must use the right lane.
  • A Class C motorized bike has a top speed of 20 mph and must use the right lane.

License and Registration Requirements

Depending on the class, motorized bike riders must have one of the following:

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • A learner’s permit.
  • A motorcycle license in order to ride in New York.

You must register your motorized bike in New York, and you must purchase insurance if you’re operating either a Class A or Class B motorized bike.

Minimum Age Requirement

Riders must be at least 15 years old to operate a motorized bike in New York.

Helmet Laws

New York law requires riders with either Class A or Class B motorized bikes to wear protective eyewear and a helmet.

Light and Mirror Regulations

New York requires motorized bike riders to have:

  • A horn.
  • A headlight.
  • A taillight.
  • A license plate light.
  • A rear red reflector.
  • A muffler/silencer on your exhaust.
  • A rearview mirror.

Learn more about motorized bike laws in New York.