Town of Coeymans

JOB POSTING: Equipment Operator I

The Town of Coeymans is looking to fill the position of Equipment Operator I.  Applications are located at Town Hall or downloadable from our website. Applications should be submitted to the Supervisor’s office no later than October 27, 2022.

Please see qualifications below:

Equipment Operator I

Distinguishing Features of the Class:
This is routine work in the operation of the less complex types of automotive equipment and in the performance of related manual tasks. An employee in this class is responsible for operating a single chassis vehicle, frequently with mechanical attachments requiring the manipulation of simple controls on the vehicle and attachment. Supervision may be exercised over a small crew working with vehicle. Employees normally receive close supervision and detailed instructions except when performing routine or repetitive assignments. Does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities:
• Operates dump truck hauling sand, gravel, cement, stone, dirt, and other materials on highway construction projects;
• Operates truck in spreading sand or salt on icy roads; hauling snow to a dumping point; plows snow with a blade attached to his truck;
• May perform traffic control and flagging duties when required;
• Performs manual task on highway construction and maintenance work;
• Hauls material from storage yard, to various locations where street repair crews are working and may be required to help load and unload truck;
• Operates truck collecting garbage, drives slowly along street while laborer walking beside truck picks up garbage and loads it in body of vehicle;
• Drives power tractor with grass mowing attachments on the shoulder of roads and in parks;
• Seasonal activities may include the assignment to building construction projects;
• Washes, lubricates, and services truck with water, gas and oil, and makes minor repairs.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics:
• Good knowledge of the principles of automotive equipment operation; working knowledge of the geography of area served and traffic laws of New York State;
• Working knowledge of the component parts of automotive vehicles;
• Skill in operating a single chassis truck, or a type of automotive equipment of equal complexity, safely and efficiently in traffic and under adverse conditions climatic conditions;
• Ability to service and to make minor repairs to motor vehicles;
• Ability to perform heavy labor for prolonged periods under adverse climatic conditions;
• Ability to understand and carry out written or oral instructions;
• Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Minimum Qualifications: One (1) year of experience in the operation of a truck requiring a Class B license to operate.

Note: One (1) year of public works experience can be substituted for the one (1) year experience in the operation of a truck requiring a Class B license to operate

Special Requirement:
1. Possession of a CDL Class B license issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of appointment.
2. In the Albany County Department of Public Works only: The driver must be able to operate a standard transmission. License cannot indicate an E restriction. License also cannot indicate any air brake restrictions.

Juris. Class: Non-Competitive (All Civil Divisions)
ACCS Adopted: Reviewed and readopted by ACCS resolution on 2/10/11
Revised: 04/05, 02/08, 12/10, 11/15, 03/18