Town of Coeymans

Lawson Lake Park Drone Demo

Don’t we all wish we could fly? Think about it. If you could fly over your woodlot in an airplane, probably landforms, streams and stands of particular tree species might be detected. But at the low altitude of a drone flight, maybe you could observe where ash trees are declining, or the extent of a hemlock wooly adelgid infestation, or the presence of oak wilt or invasive species. If having a timber harvest check pre- and post- harvest conditions. Or, find the bright blue peavey that was left behind in the woods. Think of the possibilities of low altitude flight, observation, and data gathering done at low cost!

Gary McPherson, P.E., of NYSDEC’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program will fly a drone over the tree tops at Lawson Lake Park. He has been a first responder on numerous UAS missions which have involved aerial data collection for environmental impacts of air, water, land and forest health along with support for other state agencies.  Licensed to pilot manned and unmanned aircraft, Gary will describe the DEC program, the technology of UAS flight and the rules and regulations governing drone flight and licensing. Bring your questions!

The demonstration will start at 10:00 am Saturday, June 4.
Meet at the lodge at:
Lawson Lake County Park
293 Lawson Lake Road
Fuera Bush, NY 12067

Please register with Carol via
The event is free and open to the public. The program is jointly presented by NYFOA, NYSDEC and Albany County Parks.
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