Town of Coeymans

Latest Revisions to Proposed Local Laws 5-9

Proposed Local Laws #5 through #9 have been revised as a result of the June 25, 2020 Public Hearing as follows:

#5 – Peace and Good Order:  “Fire Pit” added to section A(1); and “Fire Pit” defined in Section B.

#6 – Property Maintenance:  RESCINDED IN ITS ENTIRETY.

#7 – Unsafe Buildings:  No Changes Made.

#8 – Amendments to Chapter 102, “Garbage and Garbage Receptacles”: Added discarded appliances to the definition of Garbage in § 102-3 Definitions; Added Police Enforcement to § 102-8 Penalties for Offenses.

#9 – Abandoned Vehicles in R-1/R-2 Zoning Districts:  NO SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES.  Renumbered as Proposed Local Law #6.