Town of Coeymans

Supervisor’s Statement Regarding Raccoon Incident

We were all disturbed by the video showing a raccoon being hit by two Coeymans police cars on 3/12/18 in Faith Plaza, in the Village of Ravena. We are reviewing the entire incident from the first 911 call from the public to Albany County Dispatch, through the follow up by the town. Currently there are investigations by the Albany County DA’s Animal Abuse Task Force, NYS DEC, as well as the ASPCA. When the investigations are complete we will release the results and take appropriate board action.

We have received the results of the rabies test on the raccoon, the raccoon tested positive for rabies.

The Town Board and Acting Police Chief Contento are consulting with DEC, other wildlife experts, and law enforcement agencies to update local procedures for dealing with wildlife.

There is conflicting and contradictory information about how to respond to nuisance wildlife suspected of rabies. We will continue to consult with experts and authorities to find the best solution for our community. When we have sufficient facts, we will propose and implement concrete steps that will protect the public safety.